Wisdomasia is not in the business of data, for data are just raw materials that can be shaped in to different things by different people at different time. We are also not in the business of information, because information simply seeks to inform regardless of its usefulness. We are in the business of value creation, creating values for people who can appreciate it; we believe that data need to be turned into information, and information that creates value is what you need. We call this INTELLIGENCE.

Our tagline Trans-cultural Intelligence reflects our emphasis on Intelligence. With a network of companies staffed by professionals from different cultures and countries, we know there is universal truth to everything we do, and we know that cultures play a part in shaping how truths are presented, so the same truth will need to be wrapped in different cultural dressings to communicate to different people around the world, within different parts of Asia and China, and in different pockets of the societies.

Brand Personality Optimizer

Drawing from over 60 years of personality psychometric modeling and more than a decade of global brand research across different categories of products and services, personWA’s BrandAREAS module guides brand owners to truly anthropomorphize their brand for consumers in an easy to use way with maximum agility. Together with its consumerB5 module, personWA helps optimize brand-driven marketing effectiveness.

Evaluating Ads with Passion

Combining EEG, Eye-tracking & Emotion Recognition technologies, emoWA methodology promises true measurement of what consumers think, see, feel, and say all at the same time. Tapping into consumer’s implicit responses via non-intrusive methods have never been easier.

Not Just Another Online Omnibus

Based on China’s well-proven Heihe-Tengchong Line sampling approach, wisdomBus empowers you to check penetration, gather feedback, and test new ideas online at lightening speed with n=1,000 amongst urban Chinese population nationwide without compromising representativeness.

Wisdomasia is committed to keep our esteemed clients updated on the latest technological development, innovations, & new ideas in the market.

As part of our mandate to share learnings and knowledge with each other, stay tuned for the latest observations about the Chinese market!

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