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Apart from traditional quantitative, qualitative and online studies, we often conduct something interesting. . .
Ethnography research : A day in life
Ethnography studies on consumer interactions with all things around them. Digging out nuggets of truths often buried under layers of rationalization – seeing is believing. Identified contact points for effective guerilla approach marketing.
Wisdom Sensory: road to win over competitor recipes
A particular area of expertise: 200+ prototypes tested annually. Experienced in complicated logistic operation. Prototype assessment on product lifecycle basis, covering all key stages of product development. A number of multi-variants techniques readily available to facilitate the test at each stage. Database management. Your previous bases may be integrated.
Concept Lab : from concepts to creative platforms
An evolving process, not a snap-shot. Creation of positioning ideas from scratch. Collaborative creation with consumers and client team.
Semiotics : reading insight from signs
Well trained researchers bridging the meaning of signs and marketing implications. Interpret cultural and social changes into symbols with extensive understanding of Asian consumers
Research 2.0 : qualitative research online
Online qualitative research via blogging,BBS and online chats.Most appropriate for teenager understanding where online has become their most comfortable and most often used mode of communications where they can express better online lingo and symbols.